How BabyBuddha Grew from Inception to Inc. 5000 in 5 Years with ONELIVE


Growth within 5 years


Savings in shipping rates


Orders going out in under 24 hours


About BabyBuddha

This year, BabyBuddha made the Inc. 5000 list as one of the nation’s fastest growing companies, and they’re currently the fourth largest growing baby company in the country. They started with an “aha moment” in an apartment and grew into a smart, successful global brand that empowers women everywhere.

The baby market was full of clunky, cumbersome breast pumps that limited mobility and felt like a hassle to handle. But they knew it didn’t have to be that way.

After the long process of research, development, and FDA approval, they released a pump that’s smaller than a smartphone with hospital-grade suction power. Their small, portable, hands-free design finally gives women the freedom to move around and multitask while pumping.

“I’ve gotten exactly what I want from ONELIVE. I can reach out on the phone to relay customer concerns, and they handle it immediately. The responsiveness and execution of any request I have is extremely timely.”

BabyBuddha Products, LLC


BabyBuddha Partners with ONELIVE to Scale

We were first approached by the founder of BabyBuddha in 2018. At that time, BabyBuddha was running a direct-to-consumer model out of their warehouse in California. It wasn’t sustainable for their growing business, and they quickly realized the need for an experienced fulfillment partner.

That’s where ONELIVE came in.

ONELIVE is a leading end-to-end Ecommerce-as-a-Service provider that helps direct-to-consumer brands scale by providing world-class ecommerce platform and fulfillment services. In order to grow, BabyBudda needed a partner that could scale with them as a trusted extension of their team.

Over the 5 years of working with ONELIVE, BabyBuddha delivered 498% growth and ONELIVE was a critical partner at every stage.


Growth within 5 years


How ONELIVE Provided Value

A better bottom line.

Right away, BabyBuddha saw a decrease in shipping cost of approximately 20% compared to its prior California-based 3PL. These savings more than paid for any costs associated with the move and were sustained over the course of the relationship.

ONELIVE provides better shipping rates through its proprietary Zone Skipping Model, unique rates with national and regional carriers, and its central US location.

Highly responsive and real-time support.

As a company that cares deeply about their customers, BabyBuddha didn’t just want to pass their fulfillment off to a partner and call it good. They needed a partner who could answer their questions, be transparent in their process, and react to changes in the market. ONELIVE checked all the boxes.

From day one, the ONELIVE account team has established a relationship of trust and availability. It started by strategizing which package sizes would secure the best shipping rates for their products. Whenever a sudden need arises, ONELIVE always maintains an open line of communication to our warehouse for an immediate response.

Even during the pandemic, ONELIVE remained in full swing to fulfill BabyBuddha orders and provide nursing mothers with their necessary equipment on a global scale.

Lightning fast fulfillment.

Nursing mothers don’t have the luxury of waiting for something as necessary as a breast pump. So another key factor in the ONELIVE and BabyBuddha partnership is to ensure the quickest fulfillment possible for their time-sensitive products.

Today’s ecommerce customers expect immediate fulfillment. ONELIVE puts care into making sure every order goes out within 24 hours of it being placed. That way, nursing mothers can have the relief and freedom they deserve without delay.

ONELIVE fulfills 99%+ plus orders within 24 hours of placement with most happening the same day.

International consumer capabilities.

Aside from their growing popularity in the United States, BabyBuddha has gathered a large international audience. International distribution brings a higher level of complexity and ONELIVE has the expertise to navigate these complexities.

Thanks to their partnership with ONELIVE, Baby Buddha successfully ships to over 130 countries with the same level of compliance and discounted shipping rates that we offer domestically.


Reduction in shipping costs


Orders going out in under 24 hours


What's Next for BabyBuddha and ONELIVE

BabyBuddha’s undeniable success led to their recent acquisition by Mayborn Group, the third largest baby brand in the world.

“We’re proud to have played a vital role in supporting them on this amazing journey through a seamless and trusted partnership," said Tom West, CEO of ONELIVE. “We really enjoy helping brands and entrepreneurs grow and thrive.”

This new chapter allows BabyBuddha to provide an even wider range of products to empower nursing mothers all over the world. ONELIVE is thrilled at the opportunity to scale fulfillment along with their growing business, and can’t wait to see how our partnership evolves.

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