Multi-Store Ecommerce

Whether you own 2 or 500+ ecommerce stores, we provide everything you need to host, manage and optimize multiple online stores (and at a fraction of the cost).

Our multi-store advantages

Control your technology and development costs

With ONELIVE, you can launch an unlimited number of Shopify Plus or BigCommerce Enterprise stores with no incremental increases in platform licensing or web development costs.

  • No upfront fees
  • Unlimited stores
  • Scalable, performance-based pricing
  • Dozens of additional app discounts
  • Platform licensing, web development, and strategy included

Utilize best-in-class ecommerce technology

With over 1,500 ecommerce stores under our belt, we utilize our size and reputation to negotiate exclusive, bulk-rate licensing discounts on today's leading platforms and apps. The result is a winning combination of improved performance with reduced tech fees.

  • Dozens of 3rd party platforms and apps
  • Dozens of custom, proprietary apps
  • Discounts up to 75%

Simplify multi-store management

With ONELIVE, you get all the benefits of our world-class ecommerce web development and strategic expertise without sacrificing ownership or admin access to your ecommerce stores. We also ensure you maintain full, real-time transparency into the development and strategic work being performed across all of your ecommerce stores.

  • Centralized client portal for tracking work
  • Unlimited web development (no block or hourly rates)
  • As-needed training on best practices for your team

Centralize multi-store ecommerce reporting

One of the biggest challenges multi-store owners face today is aggregating performance data across all of their online stores into a single place. ONELIVE solves this problem by providing enterprise BI software, integrating all online stores, and creating a centralized, intuitive dashboard for clients to get the macro view they need to run their ecommerce business.

  • Enterprise BI dashboard & custom reports
  • Unlimited ecommerce store connections
  • 3rd party data integration (Google Analytics, Klaviyo, etc.)

Multi-store ecommerce solutions

Find answers to frequently asked questions related to ONELIVE's multi-store ecommerce capabilities.

Is ONELIVE a white-label partner or visible to my clients?

We are a 100% white-label partner and do not communicate with your clients directly, unless you instuct us to. From our business model down to our ticketing system, everything we do is designed to operate in the background as part of your brand. Even the footers on the stores we manage will display your brand name (not ours).

How does ONELIVE help my multi-store brand grow?

Your growth with ONELIVE comes from a strategic combination of the 3 things below. All provided at no upfront cost and variable pricing that scales with you.

  1. unlimited web development, consultation, and ongoing optimization services
  2. upgraded, enterprise technologies with purpose-built tools for multi-store owners
  3. reduced technology licensing fees using our exclusive bulk-rate discounts so you can add/remove stores with no incremental platform fees

Request pricing & info here.

Why should I partner with ONELIVE instead of handling everything in-house?

In short, working with ONELIVE is the most cost-effective, scalable way to launch and manage multiple ecommerce stores.

More specifically, we provide multi-store owners access to our bulk rate software discounts (including Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and many others), centralized multi-store reporting dashboard, unlimited use of our world-class web development team, strategic services, and available end-to-end ecommerce capabilities.

For a more direct comparison, contact our team and we can put together your custom rates.

Can ONELIVE also provide fulfillment or customer service?

Yes and yes!

For fulfillment -- you can lean on us to augment your existing fulfillment capabilities or handle all of your fulfillment needs from our centralized warehouse in Austin, TX. With a less than 0.9% error rate (vs. 1-3% industry average), 3M+ packages delivered, 200+ countries served, and a simple pricing model...we've got your fulfillment covered if you need it.

For customer service -- we have a highly experienced, in-house Customer Service Team that can also act as an extension of your brand. Like fulfillment, our customer service pricing model is also very simple and transparent.

Is there a limit to how many ecommerce stores I can add to my plan?

There are no limits to the number stores you can centralize and manage under ONELIVE. Whether you have 3 stores or more than 500 stores under your brand's umbrella, you can take advantage of everything ONELIVE provides for multi-site owners. The more stores you have, the greater the cost-savings.

Will I still have ownership or admin access to our ecommerce stores?

Absolutely. You and your team will always maintain full ownership and admin access to your stores. While most clients lean on ONELIVE to manage their ecommerce stores entirely, many others prefer to utilize ONELIVE for specific development or back end tasks while their internal ecommerce teams manage the day-to-day. We can also train you or your team members on how best to make various changes in line with best practices.

To what extent does ONELIVE manage my ecommerce stores and technologies?

We can fully manage your ecommerce platform (Shopify Plus/BigCommerce), website development, our proprietary apps, and included multi-store reporting dashboard. This includes new store setup, redesigns, product additions and more.

For additional apps, we assist with setup, integrations and ongoing consultation.

For other apps, platforms or IT infrastructure outside of our network (i.e. Google Analytics, DNS, social platforms, etc.), we assist with integrations and consultation as they relate to your ecommerce platform, website and reporting needs.

If you have existing in-house ecommerce or web development resources, we can augment their capabilities or capacity in any of the methods above.

Is it difficult to switch to ONELIVE for multi-store management?

Partnering with ONELIVE is surprisingly simple and takes much less time than most anticipate.

Here are the two most common scenarios:

  • If you are already on Shopify or BigCommerce, it's as simple as upgrading to our license (a flip of a switch on the back end). There are no disturbances to your team and we can begin managing/optimizing your stores at a pace you prefer.

  • If you're using a proprietary ecommerce platform or legacy platforms (Magento, WordPress, etc.), we can quickly rebuild your stores on Shopify Plus or BigCommerce (including redesign if you prefer). We then grant admin access to your team, and begin management/optimization as planned.

We hold a kickoff meeting with all new clients that simply lays out the steps and timeline.

Where is ONELIVE located?

Our headquarters is located in Austin, TX. Our in-house ecommerce web developers are distributed across the United States, which allows us to provide services across all U.S. time zones.

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